Credibility Accuracy Reasonableness Support

Evaluating Web Page Validity



  C.A.R.S. is an acronym for Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support. These four steps can help you tell if a website is what it says it is.

    Credibility  is a measure of the authenticity or reliability of the source of information. The best ways to tell if a website is credible is if the website has the authors credentials, and it has evidence of quality control. Accuracy is to test if the information is up to date, detailed, exact, and comprehensive. To tell if a website is accurate, look to see if the website is up to date, comprehensive and has no bias. Reasonableness is the measure of reasonable information is fairness, moderateness, and consistency. To tell if a website is reasonable,  look to see if it is not opinionated. The information should be presented in a calm and professional manner, and everything in the article should be consistent. Support is  properly citing and acknowledging sources of information. When a website is legit, it usually will document and cite its sources.

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